The Proofs are in! March 7th, Here we come!

We are thrilled to not only launch our website, but to let you know that the paperback and eBook will be available for distribution on March 17th!

To whet your appetite – here is a key figure from the book, explaining the ‘evolution of expertise’ from unconscious incompetence – where you don’t know that you don’t know how to do something, to the ideal; unconscious competence, where you know how to do something without even thinking about it.

As a high-performance profession, we should be constantly striving for unconscious competence in all skills, for the benefit of our patients, our departments, our profession and ourselves.

The first step, and focus of Surgical Metacognition: Smarter Decision-making for Surgeons – as the title gives away – is metacogntion; thinking about thinking, and examining our own cognitive processes in order that ewe can improve them.

Is the unexamined life worth living?

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Dr Uttam Shiralkar, FRCS, MRPsych, is a surgical performance coach based in the UK.Uttam worked as a surgeon for 15 years in the UK, India, and the US before moving to psychiatry. This transition was the result of the medical problems he faced after a serious car accident. While working in psychiatry, it became clear to him the profound impact that a surgeon’s psychology has on performance and surgical outcomes. This revelation inspired him to bring psychological research into surgical practice and training.

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Smarter Decision-making for Surgeons

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